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The site where you can listen to "Only A Cover Song" (Sunday from 8am-9am PST / 11am-12pm EST), or heck... listen to Beatles-A-Rama at anytime! Always great music!

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Halloween Hits Website
Another site by "Only A Cover Song" host, Dan Augustine. This site is only active in October and is a great place to get seasonal Halloween music!

The Garden Bowl
Although it sounds like it might be a website with recipes for vegetarians, it's not. The Garden Bowl is America’s oldest active bowling center. During the roaring '20s, it was considered a working man’s country club. Evolving over 100 years, the Garden Bowl has become home of Detroit’s own original Rock n’ Bowl, with DJs spinning everything from rock and punk to soul and funk while patrons bowl on glowing lanes. Come on out and see "Only A Cover Song" host, Dan Augustine, who DJs there every Saturday (and the occasional Wednesday and Friday too!).

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino
From Florida to Detroit to Brussels, don't expect to hear "rockers" nor "ballads" from this bohemian! The Dove's cover of "A World Without Love" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 6 - "Girls & Women". And... The Dove's original composition, "I Wish We Were Insects" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 136 - "Bugs".

The Muggs
The Muggs are a blues/rock band from Detroit. Formed in February 2000 by guitarist Danny Methric, bassist Tony DeNardo and drummer Matt Rost. They have won several awards including the Best Blues Artist and the Best Rock Band for 2007. The Muggs' cover of John Lennon's "How Do You Sleep?" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 13 - "The Beatles In Songs" and their cover of The Beatles' "Yer Blues" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 84 - "THE 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!"

John Tabacco
John Tabacco is an American composer, singer songwriter, engineer, multi instrumentalist, and graphic artist. He is co-founder of SA3 (a proprietary analog to digital conversion technology for sound and video) and has engineered/mixed and mastered music for the past 30 years. His music background consists of extensive study of orchestration with noted 20th century composer John Lessard, harmony with the late electronic music maverick Bulent Arel, and composition with Stony Brook University professor Peter Winkler. John Tabacco's cover of "Yes It Is / This Boy" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 36 - "Clothing & Fashion" and his cover of "World of Stone" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 122 - "Life of George".

Thomas McConnell
Singer/songwriter Thomas McConnell has become a well-respected and well-liked multi-talented musician on the Liverpool music scene. He has released a number of EP's and singles. His cover of Paul McCartney's, "New" was tweetd about by Paul McCartney himself! Thomas McConnell's cover of "Only A Northern Song" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 36 - "Clothing & Fashion", his cover of "You Like Me Too Much" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 44 - "Yesterday", his cover of "For No One" was featured one "Only A Cover Song" episode 48 - "France", his cover of "Come Together" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 57 - "Come Together", his cover of "Cry Baby Cry" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 71 - "Songs Within Beatles Songs", his cover of "What You're Doing" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 98 - "Sense of Humour", his cover of "Eleanor Rigby" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 101 - "Most Covered Songs", his cover of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 137 - "Love", his cover of "Blue Jay Way" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 152 - "Roadways" and his cover of "Octopus' Garden" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 155 - "Dear Beatles".

The Shannon Gallery
Shannon was titled "The World's Greatest Beatles Artist" in 1998 by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, England. Constantly mistaken for photos, her Beatles portfolio is outstanding. Shannon's cover of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 76 - "Psychedelic".

Steve Pullara & His Red-Eared Sliderz
Steve Pullara is a Philadelphia based/New Jersey born singer/songwriter/artist nominated twice for GRAMMYs and a GRAMMY-winning children's album producer for "All About Bullies...Big And Small" (Best Children's Album). Steve's recording projects have been cited with Gold Seals in both the Parents Choice Awards & NAPPA Awards. Steve enjoys putting smiles on faces through his music and his art! Steve Pullara and His Red Eared Sliderz' cover of The Beatles' "I've Just Seen A Face" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 84 - "THE 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!"

Merrell Fankhuaser
Merrell Wayne Fankhauser is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with bands including The Impacts, The Exiles, HMS Bounty and MU. Merrell was interviewed about his collaborations with session man, Nicky Hopkins on "Only A Cover Song" episode 95 - "Nicky Hopkins". And, Merrell's original composition, "Queen Mu", can be heard on "Only A Cover Song" episode 111 - "Royalty".

Skyy Theater
Skyy Theater is a New York City based rock band. Rob Clemente (vocals & guitar), Bruce Morris (guitar & back vocals) and Eileen Clemente (vocals & bass). Skyy Theater's cover of The Beatles' "And Your Bird Can Sing" was featured on "Only A Cover Song" episode 133 - "Bill Harry".

Richard Cummins
Canadian musician describes his music as "The quirkiness of indie with catchy melodies, the lyrics of pop and the angst ridden riffs of rock." Mr. Cummins cover of The Beatles' "Penny Lane" can be heard on "Only A Cover Song" episode 143 - "Hair".

He likes to copy classic rock bands. He's a drummer and singer. He has a page on bandhub! Check out his page and check out his cover of The Beatles' "Taxman" on "Only A Cover Song" episode 146 - "Cars".

Ron Levine
Ron Levine is a Grammy Award Winning Fiddle player who combines Jazz, Blues, Country and Classical on the violin, mandolin and electric violin to produce his unique sound. His cover of The Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" can be heard on "Only A Cover Song" episode #157 - "Revolver".

Ross Martin
As 1/2 of the bass and drums outfit, Austenitic, Ross Martin is the one who plays the four string. Hear his thumpy/twangy version of John Lennon's "Watching The Wheels" on "Only A Cover Song" episode #161 - "Shapes".

Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins is a firm favorite on today's Northern Soul scene with many appearances at UK and European festivals and events. She plays with a group of highly experienced musicians to recreate the live sound and feel of the songs which originated on an underground scene during the mid '60s and have swept the dance floors ever since. Her cover of The Beatles' "All My Loving" can be heard on "Only A Cover Song" episode #171 - "The Eyes Have It".

Deadwood Celebration
The songs of Deadwood Celebration are yours; rock steady beats, fuzz-hot amplifiers, and a lead vocal that cuts through hooks and choruses. They draw lines from the heavy riffing of the 1970's and the grunge of the 1990's. Deadwood Celebration's cover of The Beatles' "A Little Help From My Friends" can be heard on "Only A Cover Song" #172 - The Goon Show".

John Lennon's "(Just Like) Starting Over" Music Video
This is a great music video that was discussed on "Only A Cover Song" episode 56 - "Authors". See if you can spot the bookshelf of James Joyce books!

Panic At The Disco's "Nine In The Afternoon" Music Video
This music video was referenced on "Only A Cover Song" episode 138 - "Post '60s Band That Sound Like The Beatles". See if you can spot all the nods to Beatles films throughout the video!


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