“Only A Cover Song” is a weekly program on Beatles-A-Rama hosted by Dan Augustine of Detroit, Michigan. And it’s not just cover songs that you will hear on “Only A Cover Song”, you will also hear songs about The Beatles (ie “Beatles and The Stones” by House of Love), songs that mention The Beatles within the lyrics (ie “All The Young Dudes” by Mott The Hoople), songs from the same era as The Beatles (ie “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes), songs by other groups or artists that one or more Beatles played on (ie “Badge” by Cream), songs by other musicians from Liverpool (ie Elvis Costello), “Same Title, Different Song” (ie “Come Together” by The MC5 is not the same as The Beatles’ “Come Together”), songs The Beatles wrote about someone else (ie “Sexy Sadie” is about Maharishi Yogi), songs The Beatles wrote for someone else (ie Paul wrote “Woman” for Peter & Gordon), other cover songs (ie Billy Fury’s cover of Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe”) and MUCH, MUCH MORE! The show is a lot fun! There's a new theme each episode and Dan "covers" alot on the show! So, how can you listen? There are three ways:

• Go to this link: www.beatlesarama.com and listen, Sundays from 8am-9am PST / 11am-12pm PST. (Beatles-a-rama is also available through itunes or as an app for your cell phone.)

• Listen "on-demand" through Tune-In Radio! And dig this... Not only will you hear past episodes, but as an added bonus, there are six vintage commercials each episode, that are only available when you listen through Tune-in!

• Or right here on this website! Past episodes can be downloaded under the “DOWNLOADS” button


News pertaining to “Only A Cover Song” will appear here as it comes in.

Most current news:

This Sunday, April 22, "Only A Cover Song" presents a rerun! Tune in at 8am PST / 11am EST at www.beatlesarama.com for a real blast from the past! Then...

"Only A Cover Song" returns with a NEW episode on Sunday, April 29th at 8am PST / 11am EST at www.beatlesarama.com! Tune in for the "Granny Music and Fruity Old Songs" episode! Here's more information: Paul McCartney had a tendency to write songs that grandmas would love! Heck, he penned the lyrics to "When I'm 64" when he was a teenager! His pop loved it, then again his dad was a jazz musician who loved music hall. Well it seems a bit of the old man rubbed off on Paul, and he wound up writing "granny music" (that's what John called it) like Honey Pie, Your Mother Should Know, Maxwell's Silver Hammer and other tunes that sound better fit for the 1930s than the 1960s! Paul knew what he was doing and he himself called it "fruity old songs"! It was a trend that sorta caught on in the '60s and others followed suit (would that be top hat and coat tails?) like The New Vaudeville Band, Herman's Hermits, Sylvie Vartan (all who are featured on the episode) and more! So pull out your old Victrola, put on your bobby socks and listen to the "Granny Music and Fruity Old Songs" episode of "Only A Cover Song"!

"Only A Cover Song" can be heard Sundays at 8am PST / 11am EST at www.beatlesarama.com, or at tune-in radio - anytime! Click here to hear episodes on-demand! Past episodes can also be downloaded right here on this site!!! Just click the "DOWNLOADS" button below!

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